Soccer in Sun History

Back in 1996, Adrian Eyre started Soccer In Sun Tournaments. Alex Trettin stepped in to “Keep The Dream Alive” after Adrian’s unfortunate and sudden passing in 1999. We honor Adrian’s memory by making fair play our first priority and constantly curating the quality of our participating teams, the competition between them, securing the best available fields, and taking pride in our dedicated staff. We look forward to seeing you on the pitch with the best soccer tournaments in the US, 22 years running!

Tournament Information

About Harvest Cup

Every October, Soccer in the Sun hosts an 11 versus 11 tournament: The Harvest Cup. This tournament will take place at the Francisco Grande Hotel and Resort in beautiful Casa Grande, Arizona. This resort sports 8 amazing MLS grade pitches.

The tournament is a 3-day Adult Men’s Soccer event with an 11 versus 11 tournament format. MLS teams use this resort for spring training.  The amazing grounds at the resort contain brand new, full size grass soccer fields; not to mention a great swimming pool, a world class 18-hole golf course and an awesome hotel.

We will have five divisions in the tournament: Over 35, Over 40, Over 48, Over 55, Over 60 and Over 70. The age requirements are that every player must turn the age of their bracket this year. Each team will play four 60 minute games (two on Saturday and two on Sunday) and the semi finals will be Sunday evening. The perfectly maintained grass fields have nice, even playing surfaces and lots of cushion. The Harvest Cup will include loads of fun soccer activities, camaraderie, and optional excursions.

Where can I find past games information?

For past tournament info, photos, or scores, visit our King Cup Archive and Harvest Cup Archive.

What time do the games start?

Games officially start at 8:00am on Saturday, to end by 10pm that day

What are the fields like and where are they located?

Great Park Soccer Fields are grass. Please bring appropriate footwear. For additional field information, such as location or surface description, please visit our FIELDS page.

How do I register as a player?

In addition to each team completing the initial TEAM REGISTRATION, all players must complete PLAYER REGISTRATION for their team(s) in order to play in King Cup. Final Roster will be printed the Friday prior to the tournament. Player additions made after Friday morning will incur a $5.00 fee per player. For step-by-step instructions regarding player registration, please refer to our PLAYER REGISTRATION WALKTHROUGH.

What are the age requirements?

Players that qualify for Over 35, Over 40, Over 48, Over 55, Over 60, and Over 70 must turn the appropriate age for their bracket within the current tournament year. All players MUST bring valid, government-issued ID to the field each day of play. ID scanners will be utilized to maintain tournament integrity and random ID checks will be performed. For more information regarding age/ID rules, please visit our RULES page.

How do Free Agents work?

All players are allowed to play for multiple teams, as long as the player meets the age requirement for each team AND each team they register for resides in a different division. To register as a Free Agent, please fill out our FREE AGENT FORM

How many players are allowed per team?

Teams are allowed a maximum of 22 players on their roster.

Hotels & Accommodations

How do I book a hotel room in the area?

Soccer in Sun Tournaments will contract with a range of host hotels in Arizona to accommodate our participants. Please visit our HOTELS page to find your accommodations. Contact information for our agent that can assist you with your travel is also on that page.

Payment information

Where do I send payments?

Send payments VIA check to:

Travel Center Inc.

Attn: Alex Trettin

1142 Broadway, Suite 100

Tacoma, WA 98402